This is a listing of all Automate PDF pages related to Change. The commands in this "Change" section are the muscle of the Enfocus PitStop action lists. If there is something this program can fix, it will fix it by applying a change (most often by selecting the items to change). Some commands cannot be executed in the Pro version and must be run in the Server version. Others are executed much faster in the Server version. Learning to select and to change is at the heart of using the action lists.

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Name Sort descending In Spanish it should be English original Associated categories
Add font metadata Add, Change, Font, Metadata
Align or distribute objects Boxes, Change, Resize
Move page content Change, Page
Override rounding rules Change, Settings, Dimensions
Separate stroke and fill Change, Text, Vectorial
Add Background Add, Background, Change, Colour, Page
Add bleed Add, Bleed, Boxes, Change, Dimensions
Add color bar Add, Change, Colour, Control strip, Prepress, Proofing
Add copied graphics Add, Change
Add missing creation and modification date Add, Change, Metadata
Add objects to layers Add, Change, Layer
Add objects to layers with name Add, Change, Layer
Add page box marks Add, Boxes, Change, Printing marks, Registration marks, Page, Prepress
Add page number Change, Numbering, Page
Add pages Add, Change, Imposition, Multipage, Page
Add registration marks Add, Change, Registration marks, Page, Registration
Add separation names Add, Change, Colour separation, Complexity
Add trace path Change, Vectorial
Add unique document IDs Add, Change, Document, Metadata
Apply a gaussian blur to an image Change, Picture
Apply CMYK curve Change, CMYK, Colour, Curves
Apply color curve Change, Curves, Spot inks
Apply DeviceLink Change, Colour, Devicelink profile, Inks, TAC
Apply Gray Curve Change, Colour, Curves, Greyscale
Apply Lab curve Change, Colour, Curves, Lab
Apply page rotation Change, Rotation, Page
Apply page scaling factor Change, Page, Resize
Apply RGB curve Change, Colour, Curves, RGB
Center page content Boxes, Change, Page
Change annotations print setting Annotations, Change, Printing
Change art box Boxes, Change
Change binding Cambiar encuadernación Binding, Change
Change bleed box Bleed, Boxes, Change, Page
Change blending color space Change, Colour space, Transparencies
Change character spacing Change, Text
Change color Change, CMYK, Colour, Greyscale, Inks, RGB, Spot inks
Change crop box Boxes, Change, Page
Change dash pattern Change, Vectorial
Change document encoding Change, Encoding, Document
Change document info Change, Document, Metadata, Variables
Change fill and/or stroke Change, Colour, Vectorial
Change fill type Change, Vectorial
Change flatness Change, Vectorial
Change Gray to CMYK Black Black, Change, CMYK, Greyscale
Change halftone origin (from 2022), Change, Halftone, PDF 2.0
Change image brightness and contrast Change, Picture
Change Image Compression Bitmap, Change, Colour, Compression, Greyscale, Picture, JPEG, ZIP
Change initial view Change, Displaying
Change layer print state Change, Layer, Printing
Change layer processing steps - ISO 19593-1 Change, Layer, Packaging
Change layer properties Change, Layer
Change line cap Change, Vectorial
Change line join Change, Vectorial
Change line weight Change, Vectorial
Change media box Boxes, Change, Page
Change miter limit Change, Vectorial
Change object order Cambiar orden de objeto Change
Change OPI info Change, OPI, Prepress
Change Output Intent Change, ICC profile, Output intent, PDF/A, PDF/X
Change overprint Cambiar sobreimpresión Change, Overprinting
Change overprint mode Change, Overprinting
Change page orientation Boxes, Change, Dimensions, Page
Change page scaling factor Change, Page, Resize
Change PDF version Change, Format, Metadata
Change PDF/A version key Change, Standardisation, Metadata, PDF/A
Change PDF/X version key Change, Metadata, PDF/X
Change point size Change, Dimensions, Text
Change ProcSet resources Change, PostScript, Vectorial
Change rendering intent Change, Rendering intents
Change rendering parameter Black, Change, Transfer function, Halftone, Prepress, UCR
Change smoothness Change, Vectorial
Change spot color suffix Change, Pantone, Spot inks
Change stroke adjustment Change, Vectorial
Change transparency Change, Text, Transparencies
Change trapped flag Change, Metadata, Prepress, Trapping
Change trim box Boxes, Change, Page
Change word spacing Change, Text
Clean up unused resources Change, Optimizing
Close gaps in contour Change, Vectorial
Close path Change, Vectorial
Combine and divide shapes Change, Forms (Form XObjects), Vectorial
Combine subpaths Change, Masks, Vectorial
Consolidate fonts Change, Fixing, Font
Convert alternate color space to CMYK Change, CMYK, Colour, Colour space, Spot inks
Convert color Colour management, Change, CMYK, Colour, Greyscale, Inks, RGB, Spot inks
Convert color to shading color space Change, Colour, Shading colours
Convert PDF/X-4p output intent to PDF/X-4 Change, Output intent, PDF/X, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-4p
Convert process to DeviceN Change, CMYK, Colour, DeviceN, Inks, Spot inks
Convert shading to images Change, Shading colours, Picture
Convert spot color to equivalent CMYK color Change, CMYK, Spot inks
Convert stroke to fill Change, Vectorial
Convert text to outlines Change, Text, Vectorial
Converting a PDF into a two-colour process inks duotone Change, CMYK, Duotones, Example, Inks, Select, Spot inks
Converting a PDF to duotone of black and one spot ink Change, Example, Picture, Inks, Select, Spot inks, Text, Tutorial
Converting all pictures to cyan and black duotones Change, Duotones, Example, Picture, Inks, Select, Spot inks
Create Varnish Varnish, Change, Inks, Spot inks
Crop images Change, Picture
Crop line art Change, Masks, Vectorial
Delete layer Change, Layer, Removing
Embed font Change, Embedding, Font
Find and replace text Change, Select, Text
Fix bounding box values of Type 3 Boxes, Change, Fixing, Font
Fix layers Change, Layer, Optimizing
Fix missing DeviceN colorants Change, Colour, Colorants, DeviceN, Fixing, Inks, PDF/X, PDF/X-4, Spot inks
Fix negative dash pattern phase Change, Fixing, Trouble, Vectorial
Fix non well-formed XMP metadata Change, Fixing, Metadata, PDF/X, PDF/X-4
Flatten annotations Flatten, Change, Forms (AcroForms), Interactivity, Metadata
Flatten form fields Accesibility, Flatten, Change, Forms (AcroForms), Interactivity
Flatten layers Acoplar capas Flatten, Change, Layer
Flatten objects in layer Flatten, Change, Layer
Flatten Type 3 fonts Flatten, Change, Font
Flip content Change, Page
Flip selection Change, Select
Make DeviceN without NChannel information Change, DeviceN, Inks, NChannel, Spot inks
Make document metadata consistent Change, Document, Metadata, Normalize
Make mask Change, Masks
Make new layer Change, Layer
Make viewer preferences PDF/X compliant Change, Settings, Displaying, PDF/X
Making a PDF a two-inks job (Black and Pantone 300 C) Change, Colour, Example, Inks, Select, Spot inks
Match fill and stroke colors Change, Colour, Text, Vectorial
Merge into text lines Change, Text
Move media box to 0.0 Boxes, Change, Page
Move objects into the page box Boxes, Change, Interactivity, Page
Move objects out of the page box Boxes, Change, Page
Move page box Boxes, Change, Page
Normalize line weight Change, Dimensions, Normalize, Vectorial
Normalize page boxes Boxes, Change, Normalize, Page
Normalize Page Rotate Key Change, Rotation, Normalize, Page
Normalize PANTONE library names Change, Inks, Normalize, Pantone, Spot inks
Offset Path Change, Vectorial
Open Path Change, Vectorial
Optimize document structure Change, Document, Normalize
Overprint on all separations Change, Colour separation, Overprinting
Override color management settings Colour management, Change, Settings
Put selection in form Change, Forms (Form XObjects), Select
Rasterize page content, keeping text Change, Page, Rasterize, Text, Vectorial
Rasterize selection Change, ICC profile, Rasterize, Select
Release mask Change, Masks, Vectorial
Remap all PANTONE library colors Change, Inks, Pantone, Spot inks
Remap alternate color space to CMYK Change, CMYK, Colour, Pantone
Remap color Change, Colour, Complexity, Overprinting
Remap PANTONE library colors Change, Colour, Normalize, Pantone, Spot inks
Remap spot color Change, Spot inks
Remove alternate images Change, Removing, Picture, Resolution
Remove art box Boxes, Change, Removing
Remove attachments Change, Removing
Remove black generation Black, Change, Removing, Inks, Prepress
Remove bleed box Bleed, Boxes, Change, Removing, Page
Remove Certified PDF workflow information Change, Removing, Standardisation
Remove crop box Boxes, Change, Removing, Page
Remove custom transfer function Change, Removing, Transfer function, Prepress
Remove empty layers Change, Layer, Removing
Remove empty page Boxes, Change, Removing, Page
Remove enforcement on viewer preferences (from 2022), Change, Settings, Displaying, Removing, PDF 2.0
Remove form fields Change, Removing, Forms (AcroForms), Interactivity
Remove halftone Change, Removing, Halftone, Prepress
Remove halftone phase Change, Removing, Halftone, Prepress
Remove ICC tag Change, Removing, ICC profile
Remove Javascript Change, Removing, Interactivity, JavaScript
Remove marked content Change, Removing, Metadata
Remove metadata Change, Removing, Metadata
Remove name from XObjects (from 2022), Change, Removing, Forms (Form XObjects)
Remove non-PDF/X compliant halftone Change, Removing, Halftone, PDF/X, Prepress
Remove object compression Change, Compression, Removing
Remove objects from layers Change, Layer, Removing
Remove OPI Change, Removing, OPI
Remove Output intents (from 2022), Change, Removing, Output intent, PDF/X, PDF/X-6
Remove page scaling factor Change, Removing, Page, Resize
Remove pages Change, Removing, Page
Remove PDF/X version key Change, Removing, Metadata, PDF/X
Remove PostScript Change, Removing, PostScript
Remove processing steps - ISO 19593-1 Change, Removing, Packaging, Metadata, Prepress
Remove rendering intent Colour management, Change, Removing, Rendering intents
Remove selection Change, Removing, Select
Remove transparency Change, Removing, Transparencies
Remove trim box Boxes, Change, Removing, Page
Remove undercolor removal Change, Removing, Prepress, UCR
Remove unused destinations Change, Removing, Interactivity
Rename layer Change, Layer
Rename spot color Change, Colour, Inks, Spot inks
Reorder pages Change, Page
Replace page content by bitmap Change, Picture, Page, Rasterize
Resample image Change, Picture, Resize, Resolution
Restore previous color management settings Colour management, Change, Settings
Rotate content Change, Rotation
Rotate object Change, Rotation
Rotate objects as group Change, Rotation
Rotate page Change, Rotation, Page
Save current color management settings Colour management, Change, Settings
Scale page boxes Boxes, Change, Dimensions, Page, Resize
Scale page content Change, Dimensions, Page, Resize
Scale selection Boxes, Change, Resize, Select
Set default halftone origin (from 2022), Change, Dimensions, Halftone
Set page size to the largest in document Change, Dimensions, Document, Page
Set page size to the smallest in document Boxes, Change, Dimensions, Page, Resize
Set XMP file identifiers Change, Metadata, XMP
Sharing an action list Change, Tutorial
Sharpen an image with unsharp mask Change, Picture
Split in characters Change, Text
Split in subpaths Change, Vectorial
Split in words Change, Text
Split pages in half Change, Dimensions, Page
Tag object with an ICC profile Colour management, Change, Colour, ICC profile
Transforming a PDF into greyscale Change, Example, Greyscale, Tutorial
Unembed font Change, Embedding, Font
Use trim marks to set page box Boxes, Change, Printing marks, Page