This is a list of all Automate PDF pages that are a tutorial, i.e. that do not describe a specific command of PitStop's action lists but general topics about the PDF format or other parts of this program.



Name Sort descending In Spanish it should be English original Associated categories
Colour management in Acrobat Pro Acrobat, Colour management, Settings, Tutorial
Colour management in Enfocus PitStop Pro Colour management, Settings, ICC profile, Tutorial
Colour modes in PDF format CMYK, Colour, Colour space, DeviceN, Greyscale, ICC profile, Inks, Lab, Patterns, RGB, Spot inks, Tutorial
Colour profiles Colour management, Colour, Colorimetry, Colour space, ICC profile, Tutorial
Converting a PDF to duotone of black and one spot ink Change, Example, Picture, Inks, Select, Spot inks, Text, Tutorial
Coordinates and offsets in PDF Boxes, Dimensions, Page, Tutorial
Customizing a report in PitStop Pro Check, Report, Preflight profile, Tutorial
DeviceLink profiles and PDF format CMYK, Colour, Colour separation, Devicelink profile, ICC profile, Inks, Tutorial
Fonts in PDF format Font, Text, Tutorial
Layers in PDF Layer, Format, Tutorial
Making an action list Tutorial
Overprinting in PDF Overprinting, Tutorial
Page boxes in PDF Boxes, Dimensions, Page, Tutorial
PDF/X standards PDF/X, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-2, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5, PDF/X-6, Prepress, Tutorial
Rendering intents in PDF Colour management, Rendering intents, Tutorial
Reports in PitStop Pro Check, Report, Preflight profile, Tutorial
Scaling and rotation factors in PDF Page, Resize, Tutorial
Sharing an action list Change, Tutorial
Spot inks in PitStop Pro Inks, Spot inks, Tutorial
The action list editor Tutorial
The metadata in a PDF Metadata, PDF/X, Tutorial, XMP
The output intent in a PDF file Colour management, ICC profile, Output intent, PDF/X, Tutorial
The PDF/X-1a standard Standardisation, PDF/X, PDF/X-1a, Tutorial
The PDF/X-3 standard Standardisation, PDF/X, PDF/X-3, Tutorial
Transforming a PDF into greyscale Change, Example, Greyscale, Tutorial
Using an action list Tutorial
Variables in PitStop Pro Tutorial, Variables
Watched or hot folders in PitStop Pro Tutorial
What is an action list? Tutorial
What is PitStop and which versions does it have Tutorial