This is a list of all the pages in Automate PDF related to checking.

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Name Sort descending In Spanish it should be English original Associated categories
Check for flipped objects Check
Check PDF/A version key Check, Standardisation, PDF/A
Check access control Check, Security
Check annotations' print setting Annotations, Check, Printing
Check barcode Barcodes, Check
Check binding Binding, Check
Check bookmarks Check, Interactivity
Check data format Check, Data, Format
Check DeviceN colorants Check, Colour, Colorants, DeviceN
Check DeviceN for process color spaces Check, CMYK, Colour, DeviceN
Check document security Check, Security
Check enforced viewer preferences (from 2022), Check, Settings, Displaying, PDF 2.0
Check flatness Check, Vectorial
Check font by name Check, Font
Check font embedding Check, Embedding, Font
Check font license Check, Font
Check for action dictionaries Check, Interactivity
Check for additional actions Check for additional actions Check, Interactivity
Check for alternate images Check, Picture
Check for annotations inside art box or trim box Annotations, Check, Page
Check for annotations inside printable area Annotations, Check, Printing
Check for artificial font style Check, Font
Check for city fonts Check, Font
Check for custom black generation Black, Black generation, Check, Prepress
Check for custom halftone Check, Halftone, Prepress
Check for custom undercolor removal Check, Prepress, UCR
Check for differences in page boxes Boxes, Check, Page
Check for embedded PostScript fragments Check, PostScript
Check for empty pages Boxes, Check, Page
Check for garbage after the PDF End-Of-File marker %%EOF Check, Trouble
Check for images with 16 bits per channel Check, Picture
Check for Javascript Check, Interactivity, JavaScript
Check for NChannel colors with non-trivial process dictionary Check, CMYK, Inks, NChannel, Spot inks
Check for non-PDF/X compliant halftone Check, Halftone, PDF/X, Prepress
Check for objects with negative dash pattern phase Check, Trouble, Vectorial
Check for pre-separated pages Check, Colour separation, Page
Check for rotated objects Check, Rotation
Check for solids and tints Check, Colour, Inks, Spot inks
Check for transparent objects Check, Transparencies
Check for unknown objects Check, Trouble
Check for XFA forms Check, Forms (AcroForms), XML
Check for XMP schema definitions as required by PDF/A Check, Standardisation, Metadata, PDF/A, XMP
Check form fields Check, Forms (AcroForms), Interactivity
Check halftone phase Check, Halftone, Prepress
Check ICC profile version Colour management, Check, ICC profile
Check if blending color space is defined Colour management, Check, Colour space, Transparencies
Check if compression filters are PDF/X compliant Check, Compatibility, Compression, PDF/X
Check if document is produced by PDFWriter Low quality, Check
Check if object is close to the page edge Boxes, Check, Page
Check if object is completely outside page box Boxes, Check, Page
Check if object is set to overprint Check, Overprinting
Check if output intents are used (from 2022), Check, Output intent
Check if page box is defined Boxes, Check, Page
Check if page box is too large Boxes, Check, Page
Check ink coverage (basic object check) Check, Colour, Inks, TAC
Check line art by length Check, Vectorial
Check line weight Check, Dimensions, Vectorial
Check maximun path length Check, Dimensions, Vectorial
Check number of color plates (basic object check) Check, CMYK, Colour separation, Inks, Spot inks
Check number of images on page Check, Picture, Page
Check number of pages Check, Numbering, Page
Check number of paths on page Check, Page, Vectorial
Check number of spot colors Check, Spot inks
Check objects byt tiling pattern Check, Patterns, Vectorial
Check OPI path Check, OPI
Check OPI type Check, OPI
Check optimal compression Check, Compression
Check Output Intent Check, Output intent, PDF/A, PDF/X
Check overprint mode Check, Overprinting
Check page bleed box Bleed, Boxes, Check, Page
Check page boxes consistency Boxes, Check, Page
Check page orientation Check, Dimensions, Page
Check page rotation angle Check, Rotation, Page
Check page size Check, Dimensions, Page
Check pages have same size Boxes, Check, Dimensions, Page
Check PDF/Acrobat compatibility Acrobat, Check, Compatibility, Format
Check PDF/X version key Check, PDF/X
Check processing steps - ISO 19593-1 Layer, Check, Packaging, Metadata
Check rendering intent Check, Rendering intents
Check required color set Check, Colour, Inks, Spot inks
Check resolution Check, Picture, Resolution
Check spot color by alternate color space Check, Colour, Colour space, Spot inks
Check spot color by name Check, Spot inks
Check spot color suffix Check, Pantone, Spot inks
Check text point size Comprobar el cuerpo del texto en puntos Check text point size Check, Dimensions, Text
Check thumbnails Check, Displaying
Check total number of nodes on page Check, Page, Vectorial
Check unused destinations Check, Interactivity
Check XY scaling difference Check, Dimensions, Distortion
Customizing a report in PitStop Pro Check, Report, Preflight profile, Tutorial
Reports in PitStop Pro Check, Report, Preflight profile, Tutorial