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Check ink maximum coverage of objects with PitStop.

This Enfocus PitStop command allows us to check specific objects depending on their TAC (maximum ink coverage). If the selected conditions are met, the PDF will be marked as chosen in the "Log" area for further processing.

The value can be specified as a percentage between "0" and "400", and six conditions can be specified for checking with respect to that value ("less than...", "greater than...", and the like).

The checkbox "Include images" allows images (pixel objects) to be included in this selection. If that box is not checked, pictures will be excluded.

If that checkbox has been ticked, we can set that, in the images, those areas whose measurement does not exceed a value indicated by the user should not be taken into account. Any area of the image will be taken into account, even if it measures 1 pixel, if we used the value "0".

Thus, for example, if we want to check any object that exceeds a 240% TAC, we must indicate that any object "greater than" must be selected, with the value "240%" and we will "include images" with a size greater than "3 mm "(since we reckon an excessive TAC can ben acceptable in image areas smaller than tthat size).

Warning: This command only works with objects that have a CMYK or Device Gray color (DeviceCMYK or DeviceGray) or spot colours. It does not matter that the objects have some transparency applied.

It does not work with Lab, RGB, "Registration", vector patterns, or calibrated colors, whether or not they have an ICC color profile assigned (even if they are CMYK or grayscale).