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Seleccionar la uniformidad con PitStop.

This Enfocus PitStop command allows vector objects to be selected depending on their flatness value.

Flatness is a value in the PDF format coming from the PostScript language that defines the precision with which the RIP should rasterize curved paths, which are decomposed into tiny straight lines.

The relative size of these lines is controlled by assigning the object a flatness value; the lower it is, the smaller the lines are and the more accurate the drawing of the curves as well, but more memory and processing power are needed. Higher values will create fewer and longer lines and the paths will be easier and faster to process. However, if the value is too high, the straight lines might become visible.

The usual value for flatness is "1", but it is not uncommon to find values of "3" or even "8". PitStop allows values between "0.1" and "100".

In this command we can choose a value and establish six conditions with respect to it ("less than...", "greater than...", etc.).